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Home security is important. No matter where you live or who you are, protecting yourself and your property from unwanted and unknown visitors should be at the top of your priority list. With that in mind, it’s essential that you make sure your locks are up to the task of keeping everyone out that you don’t want to be there. While a standard lock might not offer the best security, opting for a Mul-T-Lock system can be the difference between being completely secure and being vulnerable to burglars or even strangers.

At Locksmith Columbus, we’re proud to be official authorized Mul-T-Lock dealers and installers. In this article, we’ll cover the many advantages of installing a Mul-T-Lock system in your home to ensure your safety and peace of mind.

First, let’s begin by discussing the design of a Mul-T-Lock system. This unique lock uses two independent locking systems. One is its standard mechanical locking system, and the other uses a special electronic pin code system. This means that using one of these locks is much more secure than with a traditional mechanical lock, as it takes two designated users to open it.

Mul-T-Lock systems also come with anti-pick features to stop criminals breaking in with a bump key. Mul-T-Lock also are also highly resistant to any tampering attempts with tools like wire cutters. All in all, this means that your lock is much harder to break into or pick.

Another advantage of this type of lock is that all the components are interconnected. Each part interacts with the other and activates a series of bars and pins that help prevent entry. With one of these locks, you don’t just have one straight line of defence; you have multiple layers that work together to make sure your security remains tight.

Perhaps one of the most useful features of the Mul-T-Lock system is the key control feature. This is a system that helps you control who can and cannot have access to your locks. When you install a Mul-T-Lock system, you can register each individual key you have with an ID number that can be tracked. This then gives you a full overview of the people who have access to your property, which you can change at any point you wish.

In terms of convenience, you won’t find a better system than the Mul-T-Lock system. Unlike a typical key system, this lock allows you to have multiple authorised users that you can give unique access to. This means they can access the property at specific times of the day, or for just a few hours. You also won’t need to worry about keeping track of a bunch of keys. Instead, you can simply assign each authorised user with a unique access code for easy entry.

Overall, the Mul-T-Lock system is an ideal way to ensure that your home or business is secure. No matter whether you’re a business owner, a homeowner or a renter, a Mul-T-Lock system can provide added peace of mind. So, if you’re looking to update your home security or upgrade from a traditional set of keys to an electronic system, why not get in touch with Locksmith Columbus?

Are you in the market for a reliable lock system that can give you the best in security and offers the best in convenience? If so, then a Mul-T-Lock system may be just the thing for you and your business. For Locksmith Columbus, we like to consider a Mul-T-Lock system as the key to a secure business or home.

Mul-T-Lock systems, designed by the global leader in security and locks, ASSA ABLOY, offer all the latest in secure locking technology. Offering the ability to lock doors, windows, gates, and other entryways, these locks are specifically designed to withstand tampering and forced entry attempts. While these locks definitely offer benefits in security, it’s the convenience features that make them shine.

Here at Locksmith Columbus, let’s take a look at the advantages a Mul-T-Lock system can offer you and your business.

1. High Security

Whether you’re looking to protect your business or your home, Mul-T-Lock offers the highest in secure locking systems. The locks are designed to make forced entry almost impossible, even with a master key. Additionally, the locks themselves are designed to be tamper-proof, helping keep the intruders out.

2. Key Control

One of the areas where Mul-T-Lock really shines is with their key control systems. Not only does each lock feature a unique key, allowing only one key to open each lock, but they also feature a master key system that grants key holders’ access to specific locks while also granting access to a master key holder for all locks. This helps to ensure security while also offering efficient key management that makes it easy to update keyholders.

3. Automation

Mul-T-Lock systems offer an automated control system, allowing you to control and manage your locks remotely. This means that rather than needing to physically manage the key to open the lock, you can use an app, card reader, or other remotely controlled device to do the job.

This means that you can unlock or lock gates, doors, windows, and other entryways at the touch of a button. This means that rather than needing to physically manage keys, you’ve got an automated system that can handle unlocking and locking with ease.

Additionally, many Mul-T-Lock systems can be hooked up to your home security systems, allowing you to unlock and lock remote entryways based on sensors and alerts from your home security system. Take an extra layer of security and convenience with you wherever you go.

4. Mobile Access

Mul-T-Lock also offers access control through a mobile app, allowing you to manage the access of your locks anywhere you go. Simply download the app from your mobile device, create an account, add contacts, and manage how those contacts can access your locks.

Say that one of your tenants needs access to the building’s gym for a few hours. You can easily grant temporary access for that window of time, and then once they’re done, you can just as easily remove the access. This makes managing access to your locks quick, easy, and secure.

5. Long History

One of the great things about going with a Mul-T-Lock system is that you’ll be getting locks that will last. These locks have been in production for over 50 years, offering the highest in reliable security and convenience.

Mul-T-Lock systems have been tested and subjected to harsh weather conditions, as well as attempted forced entry. These locks have proven themselves both reliable and secure, making them one of the best on the market.


Whether you’re looking for the best in secure locks for your business or home, or just want something that offers the best in convenience, then Mul-T-Lock systems are definitely worth a look. Offering the highest in secure locking technologies, key control systems, automated controls, and access control through an app, Mul-T-lock systems are the key to a secure business or home. Plus, you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing that these locks have been tested and approved for use in harsh weather environments and have proven themselves against attempted forced entry over their half-century in production.

For the best in secure locks, call Locksmith Columbus and ask about our Mul-T-Lock systems today!

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