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As you think about protecting your home, one of the most important steps to take is to make sure you have a deadbolt installed. A deadbolt can provide an extra layer of security, preventing a burglar from entering your home when you are there or when you’re away. Knowing what you need to consider when you install a deadbolt can help you make the best decision for your home and your family.

When it comes to installing a deadbolt, there are a few things you’ll need to think about. First, you will need to decide if you want a single- or double-cylinder deadbolt. Single-cylinder deadbolts have a keyhole on one side of the door where you insert the key, and you turn the lock from the inside with a Thumbturn. Double-cylinder deadbolts require a key to open both the inside and the outside of the door. This can be both a convenience and a security measure, depending on your security needs.

Next, you’ll need to select the type of deadbolt to install. A deadbolt typically comes in either a grade one or grade two. Grade one deadbolts are the strongest, and they offer the highest level of security. Grade two deadbolts offer fewer features, but they are also typically less expensive.

Once you’ve selected the type of deadbolt to install, you’ll need to choose the appropriate size. When choosing the size of a deadbolt, you will need to consider the size of the door as well as the type of strike plate you plan to use. Strike plates come in two sizes, Standard (2 3/8”) and Large (2 3/4”). If you choose a Standard Plate, you will need a Deadbolt with a 1” Throw. If you choose a Large Plate, you will need a Deadbolt with a 1 1/2” Throw.

The next step is to decide where to put the deadbolt. The ideal location for the deadbolt is at least 6” above the handle of the door, but it may need to be further up to accommodate the size of the strike plate you choose. Make sure the deadbolt is high enough that a burglar cannot reach in and turn the lock with a tool or another object.

Once you’ve determined the size of the deadbolt and where to position it, you will then need to make any necessary holes in the door frame. If you choose to install a single-cylinder deadbolt, you will need to make a hole in the door frame for the keyhole. You will also need to make a hole for the bolt to fit into and for the screws that will secure the plate to the door. The diameter of the keyhole should be 2 1/8”, and the diameter of the bolt hole should be 1”.

Finally, you will need to install the deadbolt. Make sure the latch and plate are properly secured to the door and frame with the provided screws. Once the deadbolt is securely in place, test it to make sure it is functioning properly.

Having a deadbolt installed in your door can provide an extra layer of security for your home. Use the tips in this article to make sure you have the right size and style of deadbolt for your door, and to make sure it is correctly installed. With the right deadbolt installed, you can rest assured that your home is secure.

As the world quickly advances and security becomes more important, it’s no wonder why people are taking special precautions in their home. One of the best ways to ensure the ultimate safety of your friends and family is to properly install a deadbolt. But alas, many are confused about the technicalities of deadbolts and don’t know where even to begin the process. Locksmith Columbus is here to help!

We understand your struggles and are confident we can provide the best service for your deadbolt installation needs. Our professional crew of locksmiths knows all there is to know about these locks and can get the job done right the first time.

Before we get into the nitty-gritty, let’s go through a few basics. A deadbolt lock is a type of lock that helps keep your home secure from intruders. It has two independent mechanisms; the first is spring loaded and helps lock or unlock your door in easy one-handed motion. The other is a cylinder that requires a key or lock-pick to open the door from either side.

When installing a deadbolt, it’s crucial to ensure that the hole in the door measures the right size for the lock. This is where a professional locksmith can come in handy and save the day. Locksmith Columbus has a full range of drill bits to ensure that your hole is cut to perfection. Some deadbolts can even work with an existing hole, so you don’t need to worry about remaking it entirely.

After the hole is made, our team of professionals will be able to install the deadbolt quickly and securely. They understand the importance of a quality job, as a deadbolt lock is integral in maintaining the security of your home. We take customer service very seriously and prepare for each job with all the necessary tools and safety protocols.

What’s even greater about the deadbolt is its affordability. Locksmith Columbus offers a wide range of prices to meet your budget. We understand how important it is to make sure that your deadbolt fits comfortably within your monthly expenses without compromising your safety.

If you’re in the market for a deadbolt to keep your family safe, Locksmith Columbus is the way to go! We can set you up with the perfect device catered to your budget. Our team of professionals has over 15 years of experience in the locksmithing field, so you can trust that your deadbolt will be installed quickly and securely.

Still have questions about a deadbolt installation? Don’t fret! Locksmith Columbus is always a phone call away. We’ll be more than happy to answer any inquiries and address all of your home security concerns.

At the end of the day, we want to make sure you, your family, and your home are safe and secure. Contact Locksmith Columbus today for a stress-free deadbolt installation at the perfect price.

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