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When it comes to protecting the assets of your business, the right commercial locksmith is a must. Whether you are looking to upgrade your security system or you need lockout services, the choice of a professional locksmith is essential. Locksmith Columbus, Central Ohio’s leading commercial locksmith, is here to provide the comprehensive services you need to keep your company safe.

Commercial locksmiths have the experience and skill to provide the highest level of security for your business. They are familiar with the specifics of the industry and have the tools and expertise to get the job done right. Here are some of the most common reasons to hire a commercial locksmith in Central Ohio.

1. When You Need to Change or Upgrade Your Locks

The most basic service a commercial locksmith provides is changing or upgrading your locks. Changing out locks regularly is a best practice to ensure the safety of your business. Having outdated locks makes your company vulnerable to break-ins, so having a professional locksmith Locksmith Columbus install new locks will help your business stay secure.

2. When Your Key Has Been Lost or Stolen

If you have misplaced your key or if it has been stolen, you will need to take action right away. Locksmith Columbus will come out to your business and provide you with the best solutions to resolve the issue. From replacing a broken key to re-keying the lock to an entirely new set of keys, you can count on us to keep your business protected.

3. When You Need to Implement a Security System

From upgrades to repair, a commercial locksmith like Locksmith Columbus can provide you with the security system and services you need. Whether you are looking for an Access Control System, Surveillance Cameras, or a Panic System, we have the tools and knowledge to help you create a custom solution for your business. And our team of technicians can provide quick and reliable installation services so you can rest assured that your business is being protected.

4. When You Need Emergency Lockout Services

Locksmith Columbus provides 24/7 emergency lockout services for your business. Whether you have been locked out of your building or need help with a broken key, we can come to your aid quickly and efficiently. Our team of experienced technicians will arrive at your business and provide the necessary help and assistance in a timely manner.

5. When You Need Help with Automotive Locks

If you operate a business that uses vehicles, such as a fleet of taxis, you may need the services of a commercial locksmith. Locksmith Columbus has the latest tools and equipment to provide you with fast and efficient automotive lock services. From unlocking car doors to replacing car keys, you can count on us to get the job done right.

Common Reasons to Hire a Commercial Locksmith in Central Ohio

Whether you’re opening a new business or running an established one, security systems and locks should never be overlooked. Having a strong, reliable locking system is essential in safeguarding your premises and property. If you’re in need of any commercial locksmith services in Central Ohio, consider Locksmith Columbus. We are a reliable, professional locksmith company with years of experience.

Here are some of the common reasons to call a commercial locksmith in Ohio:

Install New Locks

When you’re taking a new office space, having a locksmith install new locks ensures that the security of the space is immediately updated. In some cases, the existing locks in your facility may have been tampered or used by the previous occupant, so calling a locksmith to install new locks is the best choice.

Re-Key Locks

If you have a key that needs to be re-keyed, a locksmith can provide the service for you right away. This is especially important if you suspect that someone has a copy of your key. Having it re-keyed means it cannot be used anymore. It’s also worth noting that re-keying is often more cost-effective than replacing the entire lock altogether.

Gain Entry

If you are locked out of your commercial space, a locksmith can provide fast entry without damaging the locks or door. This is a common issue for business owners, as keys can be misplaced, or the locks can seize up over time.

Make Duplicate Keys

If you only have a single key to your commercial lock, it can be worth having a few duplicate keys made. This ensures that, should you or an employee need to access the space at any point, there are multiple keys that can be used.

Emergency Services

The unfortunate reality of owning a commercial building is that there is always a risk of theft or break-in. In order to ensure that this doesn’t happen, it’s wise to have a locksmith on speed dial to come out at any time of day or night if there is an emergency.


When it comes to protecting your commercial property and premises, it’s essential to call a professional locksmith if any services are needed. Locksmith Columbus is a reliable and experienced company providing commercial locksmith services, serving customers all over Central Ohio. Contact us today at (614) 585-8955 to discuss all your commercial locksmith needs.

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