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In the modern era, it’s easy to think that all of our struggles can be solved with just a few clicks. Car troubles? Buy a new car. Lock problems? Buy a new set of locks. However, things aren’t always so cut and dry, as sometimes problems require a more experienced hand – meaning it’s time to start thinking of hiring a professional automotive locksmith.

Locksmith Columbus, located in Central Ohio, specializes in automotive, residential, and commercial locksmiths services. Our knowledgeable team is on call 24/7 to help with all your problems and our top-notch locksmith technicians have worked on all major car manufacturers – domestic and foreign. Much like a car mechanic, we are the experts when it comes to the locking mechanisms that help keep your vehicle safe and secure.

Here are some common signs you should call a professional automotive locksmith:

Poor Lock Performance

Failure to open, close, or secure locks is a common sign that something is wrong with your vehicle’s locks. This could be caused by normal wear and tear, or due to an attempted break-in. It is important to call a locksmith for assistance as soon as you notice the problem, as poorly performing locks can be a danger to you and your vehicle.

Lost or Faded Keys

As many drivers can attest, it isn’t uncommon to misplace your keys. While you could try to replace these with a generic set of keys, it is best to contact a locksmith. Our locksmiths can quickly fabricate a new set of keys for your vehicle without damaging the lock, and we can even provide duplicates for extra security.

Stuck Lock or Ignition

Deadbolts and ignitions can become stuck due to wear of the interior components or damage to the exterior portion of the lock. Before attempting to use a lubricant or force the lock open, get help from a professional automotive locksmith. Refrain from having someone attempt to break the lock open, as this can result in costly damages.

Failed Repairs

If you have attempted to fix the lock yourself, or had another technician attempt the repair, and the lock is not working correctly – it is best to call a professional. Our team has experience fixing and replacing locks, and can provide you with the right judgement on what should be done.

Unsupported Locks

Newer car models may have locks that are not compatible with traditional locksmithing tools. If you have an older vehicle, or a newer car, get in contact with the professionals from Locksmith Columbus. We have the right tools and skills for all types of locksmithing services.

No matter what problem you may face – big or small – it is always important to keep the contact details of a reputable automotive locksmith handy. The knowledgeable team from Locksmith Columbus has experience working with all types of locks, so you can feel secure knowing your vehicle is in the best of hands. Give us a call at (614) 585-8955 and we’ll help you out with all your locksmith needs.

Common Signs You Need a Professional Automotive Locksmith

It’s a classic story of woe: you’ve locked yourself out of your car, or you’re stuck in the parking lot with a jammed ignition key. Chances are, you’ll need a professional automotive locksmith to help you out.

But how do you know for sure when a professional locksmith is the way to go? In this article, we’ll outline some of the most common scenarios when calling a locksmith is the best solution. Read on to find out what these signs are!

You’re Locked Out of Your Car

It’s not a great moment when you realize you’re locked out, and it only gets worse the longer you stand on the outside looking in. While it’s possible to get into a vehicle without a key, it’s not recommended. Calling a professional automotive locksmith is often the safest way to get back in.

These experienced locksmiths can quickly and accurately pick locks, and they can even program or replace a key for you. Best of all, in most cases you can have an automotive locksmith to your side within an hour or less.

You’re Stuck in the Parking Lot

It’s nightmarish to find yourself stuck in a parking lot without a way to start the vehicle. But before you flag down a tow truck, you might consider calling an automotive locksmith for a hand.

There are several reasons why a locksmith makes more sense than a tow truck. First off, a reputable locksmith will arrive quickly and get to work right away. Tow truck drivers usually need some extra time to get to you.

Second, a tow truck or cab ride could really disrupt the rest of your day. Your car’s probably parked in a spot you want to get back to, or maybe you just want to make a quick grocery store run. With an automotive locksmith, you’ll solve the problem and stay on schedule.

Finally, an automotive locksmith will probably be your most affordable option. Tow trucks are expensive and you’ll need to cover the cost of a cab ride. Plus, a locksmith’s services may even be covered under your insurance.

Your Key Won’t Turn in the Ignition

Has your key ever seemed to stick more firmly in the ignition than usual? Hopefully, a little bit of jiggling can get it freed up. But if it won’t move at all, then you probably need professional help.

It’s likely that the tumblers in your key’s mechanism are jammed, which means they need to be reset. An automotive locksmith can change the tumblers in your existing key, or even make a new one for you.

Someone Has Stolen Your Keys

If you’ve had your keys stolen, the last thing you want to do is to twiddle your thumbs until you can get replacements. Many people might assume that this is a costly ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be.

In fact, a professional automotive locksmith can easily make duplicate keys, replace the locks, and even disable the original keys. These services will cost much less than replacing the entire vehicle, so don’t suffer in silence.

You Want a Spare Set of Keys

Having a spare key set is never a bad thing. If you’ve had your keys stolen or you just want to know you have emergency access, then a duplicate set of keys can be a lifesaver.

Most automotive locksmiths have the tools and skills to duplicate most vehicle keys. This will save you the headache of having to search for a spare from key fobs or key pads.

You Want a Keyless Ignition

The days of awkward key handling may soon be over. Today, many drivers have opted for the convenience of a keyless ignition system. This system is vastly safer, and experts suggest it’s a great idea for anyone interested in additional auto security.

Fortunately, many automotive locksmiths can install this useful and intriguing system. Once it’s in place, you can wave good-bye to your original keys, and enjoy the enhanced security of a modern keyless system.

Trust Locksmith Columbus for Professional Automotive Locksmith Services

Your automotive locksmith needs are in safe hands with Locksmith Columbus, Central Ohio’s most trusted automotive locksmith. We provide 24/7 service, a wide range of car locksmith services for all major makes and models, and we promise a 20-minute response time.

Whether you’re locked out, stuck in a parking lot, or you just need a duplicate key, trust Locksmith Columbus to get the job done. Schedule an appointment with us by phone at (614) 585-8955, or visit us online at to learn more.

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