Different Types of Combination Lock Systems

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Combination locks provide a level of security that traditional mechanical locks don’t. With a combination lock, you’re able to set a unique code or combination that only you know, so you can keep any valuables or important items safe. At Locksmith Columbus, we specialize in all types of combination locks, but here are some of the most popular lock types we install.

Push Button Combination locks: these locks serve as an ideal choice for home use, such as to store medication, jewelry and other items in a cabinet or closet. With a push button combination lock, the code is entered using a single switch, making it very easy and convenient to use.

Cam-Locks: Often used for cabinets, desk drawers or where other high security locks are unavailable, cam locks provide a convenient security option. They operate by inserting a key and then turning a key or knob to unlock the mechanism.

Combination Deadbolts: Combination deadbolts are well suited to residential door locks, they provide a two-step process of entering the code to unlock the deadbolt latch. This adds an extra layer of security, and makes it nearly impossible for an intruder to guess the code if they do manage to break into your house.

Combination Padlocks: Combination padlocks make an ideal choice for open areas like sheds, where you don’t want friends or family members to be able to borrow the key. Padlocks are also a popular choice for securing bikes and toolboxes.

In comparison to other lock types, combinations locks provide secure access control without the need for disclosing secret codes to multiple people or the risk of losing keys. At Locksmith Columbus, we provide a great selection of high-quality combination locks for all types of residential and commercial applications. Contact our team to learn more about the different types of combination locks we have available and which one is best for your needs.

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