Different Types of Entry & Access Systems for Homes & Businesses

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Smart home security has become mainstream. Homeowners are now incorporating various entry and access systems into their lifestyle—whether it’s for simple daily living conveniences or for more serious security measures.

The purpose of having an access system—especially for commercial businesses—is not only to increase security but also to provide user convenience. In today’s high-tech world, different types of access systems are available and becoming more popular.

Keycards were the original, easily-adopted form of access control. They’re still the go-to option for many commercial businesses. Keycards are simply entry cards with a tiny chip embedded that open locked doors when swiped or held up to a reader. There are also key fobs and other access control cards available with keycard functionality, making it even easier and quicker to gain access.

Biometric entry is a growing option, as well. This form of access verifies identity by scanning fingerprints and facial recognition. While biometrics have been around for a while, it’s just starting to gain popularity because of their highly secure nature.

For residential use, RFID (radiofrequency identification) access systems are becoming more commonplace. This type of access system uses an encrypted code that is activated when it’s in proximity to the lock, making it easier and more secure.

For any type of access system you choose, you must make sure you have the latest security features. Locking systems with compatible keycards, PIN codes, and electronic keys are the best way to ensure your place is secure.

Smart locks are becoming the newest trend in lock systems, providing enhanced security with remote connectivity, motorised locking, and other features. Smart locks allow you to control access with your smartphone and integrate with other home security systems, making them a great choice for residential and commercial use.

Access control systems add an extra layer of security to your home or business. No matter which access control system you choose, you can make sure your property is secure and protected. When it comes to entry and access systems, it’s important to research the different options and find one that best fits your needs.

Different Types of Entry & Access Systems for Homes & Businesses

When it comes to security for your home or business, there are several entry and access systems available to you. There are keyless entry systems, door access systems, and card access systems, each offering different advantages and drawbacks.

At Locksmith Columbus, our team understands the importance of having a secure, reliable entry and access system for your home or business. That is why we offer many of the latest entry and access systems that are available on the market today.

Today, we’re going to discuss the different types of entry and access systems, what they’re best used for, and also explain why they are each beneficial in their own ways.

Keyless Entry Systems

A keyless entry system is a common access solution for both homes and businesses. They come in many forms, including retina and fingerprint scanners.

Keyless entry systems are designed to keep out unwelcome visitors, while still allowing authorized individuals to access the property. They don’t require any physical keys to open the door, which means they reduce the chance of someone entering the property without permission.

When it comes to keyless entry systems, homeowners have an advantage. The most popular types of keyless entry systems are biometric scanners, which use fingerprints or retinas to identify the individual who is trying to access the property. These scanners are more secure than keys, because each entry is logged and it’s almost impossible for someone to replicate a person’s finger or retinal pattern.

Business owners, on the other hand, may opt for keyless entry systems that require a code, card, or key fob version. This type of system is great for businesses that need to keep track of when employees access their property. This type of entry system can be easily installed and monitored, so business owners feel secure that no unauthorized individuals are entering the premises.

Door Access Systems

Door access systems have been around for decades, and they are still a great option for those who need additional security.

Door access systems require physical keys or cards. They can be programmed to let in only those with authorized access and are designed to keep others out.

Business owners can also use door access systems to restrict and monitor the movement of their employees, while still making it easy to manage their property access. For example, a business can easily set up a door access system to only allow certain employees to enter certain areas of their building.

Card Access Systems

The final type of access system is the card access system. This type of system requires that a card is used in order to gain entry. These cards can be programmed to only be used by authorized individuals and can be used for tracking when and where employees are accessing the property.

Card access systems are commonly integrated with other security systems such as video surveillance, alarms, and surveillance cameras. This kind of system is ideal for businesses that require a high level of security.

As you can see, there are many options for entry and access systems for homes and businesses. Depending on the level of security required and the ease of use desired, each type of system has its benefits.

At Locksmith Columbus, we understand the importance of protecting your home and business with the right entry and access system. Our team of experienced technicians will work with you to determine the best system for your property’s needs. Contact us today to learn more about the various entry and access systems that are available.

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