Different Types of Keyless Entry Door Lock Systems

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A home is a place of security and peace, but it can also become an inviting entrance if the right type of lock is installed. Keeping a home secure is one of the most important factors to homeowners, so having the right type of door lock system is essential —especially keyless door lock systems. Keyless entry door locks are the go-to, security-conscious selection for homeowners to increase their home’s protection and reliability.

With keyless entry systems, you no longer need to worry about forgetting or losing your house keys or drowning them in your pocket. Keyless door locks offer unique benefits that regular locks are not able to provide, when you are looking for maximum security. From a physical keypad, finger print sensor, key fobs (remote) to touch ID, know that the types of keyless entry door locks available are varied.

If you’re considering installing a keyless entry door locking system, you should first understand the different types of locking systems, in order to make an informed decision.

Keypad locks are the most classic type of keyless entry. Utilizing a numerical passcode, they are usually found with either four or six keys on the pad. The main advantage to this type of door lock is that you can enter a different numerical code for any family member, negating the need for a physical key.

Biometric fingerprint door locks are far and above the most secure type of door lock available. Utilizing a person’s unique fingerprint, this type of locking system can’t be fooled or replicated, offering superior security. Fingerprint locks can also maintain a record of your visitors and allow you to set different access codes for each visitor, if the lock allows.

General access control key locks are a combination of keys, cards, badges, and biometric entry systems. This versatile combination allows businesses and commercial facilities to monitor, unlock, and secure all entrances associated with the locking system, providing complete control of all entrances. Security personnel can also access security logs to record and track past entry attempts.

Finally, key fob entry door locks, also known as remote keyless entry, are a great way to secure your home. Utilizing a physical button that is configured to a receiver, when the receiver gets the signal, it will create a magnetic field that can activate the locks and open the door. Fob-based door locks are great for businesses and commercial facilities who need to provide fast and secure access to authorized personnel.

Each keyless entry door lock system comes with different benefits and features for different needs, so it is important to weigh your options before selecting a type of locking system. Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of each system can make the installation process quick and simple.

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Keyless entry door lock systems have become a popular alternative to traditional keyed lock systems in the last few years. There are several different types of keyless locks you can choose from to help protect your home or business. This article will explore the various types of keyless entry door lock systems currently available and discuss their strengths and weaknesses.

The most common type of keyless entry lock system on the market today is the user-controlled keypad lock. These locks require that a user enter a combination into the keypad in order to gain entry. The combination can be changed whenever the user wants, making it very secure. Some keypad locks also feature a backup key in case of emergency.

A second type of keyless entry door lock is the radio frequency identification (RFID) system. These locks use a small radio frequency-enabled card or tag with a unique identification code that is read by an RFID reader. This allows the user to gain entry without entering a combination. The card or tag can be easily changed if it is lost or stolen, making it a very secure system.

The third type of keyless entry door lock system is the biometric lock. These locks use a reader to scan fingerprints or other biological markers to gain access. Biometric locks are incredibly secure as no two people have the same biological markers, making it very difficult to gain entry without authorization.

Finally, there are combination lock systems. These locks require the user to enter a combination into a keypad in order to gain access. Combination locks are often used in combination with a security access system, allowing users to only access areas with the correct combination.

Each type of keyless entry door lock system has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. It is important to assess each type of system carefully in order to determine which one is best for your particular circumstances.

User-controlled keypad locks are great for people who want a combination lock system that can be easily changed. However, if the combination is not changed regularly it can be relatively easily guessed and hackers can figure out the combination through trial and error. It is also not ideal for businesses or other premises with multiple users, as the user will need to memorize multiple combinations.

RFID locks are the most secure type of keyless entry door lock system, as the access credentials can be quickly and easily changed if lost or stolen. However, RFID locks can be relatively costly to install and maintain.

Biometric locks are the most secure type of keyless entry door lock system on the market, as no two fingerprint readings are the same. However, these locks can also be relatively expensive to install and maintain.

Combination locks are great for allowing users to gain access to different access points with the same combination. However, these locks are not as secure as the other types mentioned above, as the combination can be guessed or forgotten.

No matter which type of keyless entry door lock system you choose, it is important to make sure that you have a reliable and secure system in place. It is also important to regularly change or update the code or combination to ensure your security. In addition, you should consider the benefits of installing a perimeter security system to further protect your building or premises.

By taking these steps and researching the different types of keyless entry door lock systems, you can ensure that your home or business is is secured with the most updated and efficient security system available on the market today.

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