Different Types of Vehicle Key Replacement Services

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As the prevalence of theft and other criminal activity increases, many people find themselves in a situation where they need to replace their car keys. Whether you have lost your car keys, need duplicate set of keys, or are in need of a remote key repair and replacement, knowing the variety of key replacement services available and the pros and cons of each can help ensure you make the best choice to meet your needs and budget.

At Locksmith Columbus, we strive to make the key replacement process easy and affordable for our customers. Whether you need a transponder, VATS, laser cut, or traditional cut key, our experienced locksmiths can provide you with the highest quality of key replacement services for your vehicle. From emergency key service to more complex services for more sophisticated security keys, we have the technology, skills, and experience to make sure you have the right key replacement service for you.

Traditional car keys: Once a standard type of car key, this type of key is now being phased out by new technology. In most cases, these keys are easily replaced with a new one. This type of key often needs to be cut to match the original.

Transponder keys: Transponder keys contain a code embedded in them which, when passed through the car’s ignition, triggers the vehicle’s alarm and immobilizer system. These keys are particularly popular in newer vehicles, and require a specific set of skills and tools to replace.

VATS keys: These keys were once the standard for most vehicles, and contain a single chip embedded in them which must be matched before the key can be programmed. The majority of vehicles today use this type of key, so it is important to make sure you have the right key to match your car.

Laser cut keys: Laser cut keys are designed to be much harder to copy than a traditional key. They have a specific set of cuts and grooves which make them difficult to reproduce without the right equipment.

Remote: This type of key allows you to lock and unlock your vehicle remotely, and can also be used to activate the car’s alarm system. While remote keys are more convenient than traditional keys, they are also a bit more expensive and require specialized skill and knowledge to replace.

At Locksmith Columbus, we offer a wide range of key replacement services to make sure you get the key you need. Whether you need a traditional car key, transponder key, VATS key, laser cut key, or remote key, our experienced technicians are knowledgeable and experienced in the different types of keys and the best key replacement service for each. We strive to make the key replacement process easy and affordable for our customers.

Every vehicle needs a key for it to start, and when that key gets lost, it can be a stressful and inconvenient situation. For residents in Central Ohio, Locksmith Columbus can help with their state-of-the-art vehicle key replacement services.

Locksmith Columbus offers many different types of vehicle key replacement services that can help to get the vehicle up and running again with minimal hassle and inconvenience. Below, we’ll discuss several of the services we offer and why they are so beneficial to vehicle owners in the Central Ohio area.

1. Laser Cut Keys

Laser cut keys or “smart keys” as they are sometimes referred are programmed with a transponder chip that contain security codes only recognized by the car’s ignition system. Laser cut keys are becoming increasingly common on newer vehicles and Locksmith Columbus has all the necessary equipment to create an exact duplicate of these keys. We use state-of-the-art precision equipment for our laser cutting services to ensure the final key fits perfectly and works reliably every time.

2. Transponder Keys

Transponder keys, also known as “chip keys” are programmed with a transponder chip that contains a signal recognized by the car’s electronic system, allowing the vehicle to start. The signal is sent from the key to the vehicle’s ignition, verifying that it is the proper key that is being used and preventing the car from being started with a duplicate or stolen key. Locksmith Columbus is equipped with the necessary tools and software to code new transponder keys to a vehicle’s specific security systems.

3. High Security Keys

High security keys are designed with a combination of a traditional key and a transponder chip as an added level of security. The key contains a transponder chip that controls how the key must be cut into the door and ignition. These keys are programmed to the specific vehicle they are made to fit, making them more resistant to unauthorized duplicates. At Locksmith Columbus, we have all the necessary software and equipment to program and cut high security keys to fit any vehicle.

4. Keys with Remote Start

Remote start keys are becoming more popular with modern vehicles and are great for cold winter days in Central Ohio. These keys contain both a transponder chip and a button, allowing you to start your vehicle from a distance. By simply pressing the button on the key, you can have your vehicle running, ready and warm when you are ready to leave. Locksmith Columbus technicians have all the necessary expertise and software to program these keys to a vehicle’s specific security system.

5. Car Key Duplication

If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need a duplicate car key, Locksmith Columbus can provide a fast and efficient solution. We have all the right tools and technology to make an exact replica of the original key in no time.


Using the right tools and expertise, Locksmith Columbus provides reliable and convenient car key replacement services for residents in Central Ohio. We offer laser cut key programming, transponder key programming, high security key programming and car key duplication services so that you don’t have to worry about losing access to your vehicle. For all your car key replacement needs, make sure to contact a qualified and experienced locksmith from Locksmith Columbus.

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