Do-It-Yourself Security Measures for Your Home

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Do-it-yourself home security measures are an economical way to protect your property and keep your family safe. Even though there is no substitute for working with a professional locksmith to ensure your home is up to date with the most current locksmith technology, there are basic locksmith principles that anyone can use to increase security in their home.

This article will provide common-sense tips to help home owners create a secure environment without spending a fortune. By implementing some of these security suggestions, you can better protect you and your family and prevent unwanted entry and burglary.

One of the first steps in securing your home is changing or replacing your existing locks. A good DIY lock replacement plan involves changing locks to those that are more secure, such as a high-security deadbolt. There is a plethora of lock styles and hardware types available in both traditional and contemporary designs, and hiring a professional locksmith will ensure your locks are properly installed. Different locks offer different levels of security, so it is important to choose the right locks for your home and lifestyle.

Another helpful DIY measure is to install window locks. If you have a sliding window, you should install a window lock or a keyed lockset. A powerful screwdriver that is at least 12 inches long with a Phillips head will do the job. A locksmith can also install a lockset that provides both style and security. Doing this will prevent unwanted entry and improve the overall security of your home.

Installing a motion-detector floodlight or some other type of lighting system is a great way to protect your home. In a nutshell, an outdoor motion detector lighting system is a simple and effective way to alert you of visitors at night. Lights adjusted to turn on at a particular time make it easier for occupants to move around the outside of the house safely. Additionally, if you have a lot of shrubbery around your property, it will be difficult to see any movement without the aid of some lighting.

Finally, if you have a garage or other out-building, make sure to invest in a sturdy and secure locking system. Ensuring the locks that you use are maintained is essential for maximum security. It is essential to consider installing an automatic garage door closer to discourage unwanted visitors. Installing an automated closer will also help with security and prevention of entry via opening or reaching over.

Taking the time and effort to properly secure your home is well worth it in the end. Homeowners should strongly consider taking advantage of DIY home security measures to protect their property and ensure their sense of safety and security.

Do-It-Yourself Security Measures for Your Home

Are you looking to increase the security of your home without shelling out a fortune? If so, many do-it-yourself security measures can provide an effective barrier against criminals, and increase peace of mind for homeowners in Central Ohio.

At Locksmith Columbus, we know that keeping your home safe is an incredibly important priority and one that all of our local customers take seriously. That’s why, today, we’re here to lay out some simple, cost-effective do-it-yourself security measures you can take to increase security around your home.

Start with Your Doors

The first line of defense against intruders is arguably the most important: your home’s doors. Most burglaries involve members of the home entering through a door, so ensuring that your doors are as secure as possible should be your first priority when it comes to DIY security.

First and foremost, you should make sure your doors are made of strong material, such as solid wood or metal. If your doors are made of less secure materials, such as wood veneer or plastic composites, you should upgrade them to ensure your home is as secure as possible. If you’re looking for an easy DIY project, replacing the doors in your home is an excellent way to increase security without breaking the bank.

Second, make sure that your existing doors are properly secured. Deadbolt locks should engage fully in the door frame, and moving parts such as door handles should be secured with screws or other hardware that can’t be easily removed. We all know how easy it is to forget to lock doors from time to time, but even an unlocked door is better if it’s sufficiently secured.

Finally, you should also consider adding extra barriers to your front door, such as an additional frame plate or an inner-door security gate. These can provide an extra layer of defense against thieves.

Secure Your Windows

Another point of common access for intruders is via windows and other openings in your home. That’s why it’s important to make sure that any openable windows or doors in your home are properly secured with locks, and that those locks are regularly replaced or serviced to ensure they are in good working order. Take time to inspect your window locks each year to ensure that there are no signs of deterioration or forced entry.

If your windows are old or poorly secured, consider replacing them with more secure models. Look for options with reinforced frames, heavy-duty glass, or reinforced locks. If you don’t feel comfortable taking on this project yourself, contact your local locksmith for assistance.

In addition to locks, you can also install window alarms or security sensors. These can be purchased as standalone systems which can be installed by most DIY enthusiasts, or integrated into systems run by security companies. Sensor systems may be expensive, but they can provide an invaluable layer of protection for your home.

Install a Security System

You can also install an alarm system to your home to further increase security. Security systems are available in a wide range of different packages, from basic home alarms to comprehensive 24-hour monitoring systems.

Regardless of the system you choose, alarm systems can provide a substantial layer of protection for your home. Most systems can detect motion and sound alarms, and some may even be programmed to respond to smoke or fire detection. Furthermore, some security systems can be integrated with local law enforcement, allowing them to respond more quickly if your alarm is triggered.

If you’re unsure about setting up a home security system on your own, many companies offer complete packages and technical support for those who would prefer to have a professional handle the installation. Contact your local locksmith to learn more about the options available in your area.

Secure Your Locks

Just as important as the physical security of your home, you should also take steps to ensure that your locks are secure. The first step in protecting your locks is to ensure that all of your locks are in good working order.

Check every door in your home to make sure that your locks are fully operational and that the keys are secure. Make sure that any folding keys that your locks may use are in good condition and that the pins are properly inserted. You should also ensure that any combination locks are functioning properly and that all associated codes are secure.

If you’re not sure if your locks are secure, contact your local locksmith for an inspection. We can evaluate the locks in your home and make any necessary repairs or replacements.

Finally, if you’re still concerned about the security of your locks, you may also want to consider upgrading to higher-security locks. Many different types of locks are available, ranging from mechanical keys to electronic codes or biometric scanning.

Stay Informed

Finally, the most important thing you can do to keep your home safe is to stay informed about security measures in your community. Protecting your home shouldn’t end with physical security measures – you should also stay informed about the latest security trends and changes in the city or county.

Your local law enforcement should be able to provide periodic updates on crime trends in the area. This can help you stay up to date on any relevant changes, such as new methods of break-ins or the emergence of any particularly dangerous suspects in the area.

In addition, make sure to research and implement any additional security measures recommended by your local police or other professionals. Do-it-yourself security measures are a great way to secure your home on a budget, but they are just the beginning. To ensure maximum security in your home, you should also consider investing in additional services and monitoring offered by professional companies.


At Locksmith Columbus, we want our customers in Central Ohio to feel safe and secure in their homes. We understand the anxiety that can come from knowing that your home is vulnerable, and that’s why we’re here to provide our local customers with the help they need to secure their homes and get the peace of mind they deserve.

By following these do-it-yourself security measures, you can rest assured that your home is as safe as possible. From simple fixes like upgrading locks and windows to advanced technologies like alarms and monitoring systems, there are a wide variety of steps you can take to make sure your home is safe.

If you’re looking to increase the security of your home without spending a fortune, these do-it-yourself measures can provide a great foundation. However, don’t forget that communicating with professionals and staying informed can be the key to creating a truly secure home.

Whether you’re looking for advice on how to secure your home, or you’re looking for assistance with installation and maintenance of your locks and security systems, Locksmith Columbus is the team to turn to. Contact us today and experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your home is as secure as it can be.

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