How to Choose the Right Lock For Your Home

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Making the right decision when choosing a lock for your home is a big responsibility. Not only does it need to keep you and your family safe, it also impacts the overall aesthetic of your home.

When selecting the right lock, consider what your particular home security needs are. Are you looking for locks that are only starting to be used to simply supplement physical security, or do you require locks that are more secure and strong enough to withstand attempts of thievery? Some of the most common types of locks are deadbolts, keyless entry, combination locks, and lever handles.

Deadbolts are the most common type and allow for the most control. They are a great choice for entrance doors and offer the best protection against forceful entry.

Keyless entry locks are convenient and allow you to access your home without having to remember a code or key every time. However, they also offer less security as codes can sometimes be stolen, or figured out.

Combination locks require a specific code or combination to be entered in order to unlock and are great for those looking for an added bit of security. Lever handles are great for convenience and are a common choice in many homes.

When choosing a lock, be sure to research the different brands, features, and price points, in order to make the best decision for your home’s security needs. Always be sure to check with a certified locksmith as they may have helpful tips and advice. Here at Locksmith Columbus, we are always happy to help you make the right choice for your home’s security needs.

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