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A locksmith company in Central Ohio, Locksmith Columbus can help protect your property from unexpected calibration issues with locks and their components. After a period of time, locks and their components can become misaligned and, if left unattended, can cause major issues. That’s why it’s important to have occasional checks and calibrations of your locks and their components.

Calibration problems can be difficult and expensive to fix without professional help. It’s much easier to prevent them than to fix them after they happen. Here are several tips on how to protect your home from calibration issues.

Get Quality Components

The best way to try and prevent lock calibration issues is to purchase quality components for installation. It’s worth spending a bit more money for high-quality items than cheap ones. Research the company you are buying components from to ensure that they are known for their quality.

Schedule Checkups

You can contact Locksmith Columbus (phone number: (614) 585-8955) to inspect your locks and their components. When they come out to your property, they can make sure everything is correctly calibrated and aligned. This is a great preventive measure to ensure that problems don’t arise later down the road. Even better, they can identify potential problems before they happen and help you avoid costly repairs or replacements.

Clean and Maintain

If you want to extend the life of your locks and their components, be sure to keep them clean. Lubricate the parts after cleaning, and be sure to inspect the pieces regularly. A little bit of regular maintenance and upkeep can go a long way in preventing calibration issues.


Another option to consider is an upgrade. If you find that your locks are not working correctly or are susceptible to damage, you may want to consider upgrading your locks and their components to better fit the needs of your home.


Having lock calibration issues can be a hassle, but they don’t have to be. With the right preventative measures, you can protect your home from lock calibration problems and make sure that your property is secure. If you need help with this, contact a professional locksmith such as Locksmith Columbus in Central Ohio (phone number: (614) 585-8955).

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How to Protect Your Home from Lock Calibration Issues

A lock’s ability to function is contingent upon its calibration. Lock calibration is the measure of precision and accuracy with which its components are arranged and function. When locks are calibrated correctly, they can provide home security and prevent forced or unauthorized entry. Reversal of a lock can also cause a breakdown in security and even potentially access by an intruder.

Luckily, there are preventive strategies homeowners can take to protect their locks from getting out of calibration which may help avoid unwanted entry to the home. At Locksmith Columbus, we are committed to ensuring that your home remains safe and secure and below we offer a few tips for protecting your locks from calibration issues.

Have Your Locks Professionally Installed

When seeking security, homeowners often choose to install a lock on their own in order to save money. However, professional installation is far more important than money saved when it comes to lock security and calibration. An experienced locksmith like those at Locksmith Columbus can ensure that the lock is set to move and open and close smoothly with into the jambs and that all of the parts are adjusted correctly for optimal security.

Provide Regular Maintenance

Regular maintenance from a qualified locksmith can keep your locks calibrated to guarantee a higher level of security in your home. It’s recommended to have your locks inspected and serviced at least once a year in order to stay protected from intruders. The professionals at Locksmith Columbus can detect and repair any issue that may arise with your lock including a malfunctioning or worn latch, missing screws, loose wiring, or broken hardware.

Change Out Worn Keys

Using worn out keys is a common cause of locks calibration issues. Replacing a key that has been used often or has been inserted and removed multiple times can help maintain the accuracy and precision of your lock. The technicians at Locksmith Columbus can provide you with new keys that are cut with meticulous accuracy and precision.

Monitor for Unusual Wear

Keeping an eye out for any unusual wear of the lock and its components can also help to keep your locks from getting out of calibration. Pay attention to the lock’s latch and if it is difficult to open or close then it may be time for professional maintenance. If you notice any signs of unusual wear, contact the professionals of Locksmith Columbus to schedule maintenance.

Use High-Quality Lock Components

Using high-quality materials can help extend the life and accuracy of your locks. Poorly constructed lock components can easily wear down or loosen, eventually throwing off the lock’s calibration and altering its ability to offer security. Thankfully, the experts at Locksmith Columbus are there to help with lock situations of all kinds from offering a variety of components to compatible homes or commercial buildings, to replacing old locks with more secure and reliable ones.

No matter the concern, the professionals at Locksmith Columbus are committed to protecting your home by providing a variety of services ranging from professional installation and routine maintenance to replacing worn down locks and keys. We strive to ensure ultimate home security and offer a variety of services tailored specifically to your needs. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and can be contacted at (614) 585-8955.

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