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You’re feeling extra safe because you just had your locks and door handles replaced. You currently have the latest security locks available, so you think you’re fully protected. You may think that you’re done taking action to secure your home, but there is still a vital step that many people don’t think about — changing the lock cylinders.

While changing your locks may seem expensive and unwarranted, there are actually quite a few benefits to changing your lock cylinder that more than make up for the cost. Here at Locksmith Columbus, we want to make sure that all Central Ohio residents understand the advantages of changing their locks.

Lock cylinders are an important part of keeping your property safe. You can have the strongest deadbolt in the world, but if the lock cylinder isn’t the appropriate security level, then they offer little protection. Lock cylinders also keep your keys safe from unauthorized duplication, as well as keeping your property safe from picking and malicious hacks.

So having the appropriate lock cylinders, designed with safety in mind, are important for your safety. Here are the reasons why you should upgrade your lock cylinders:

1. Increased Security

Having outdated lock cylinders leave you vulnerable to break-ins and intrusions. Taking advantage of the latest security locks, with high-security anti-pick lock cylinders, provides an extra layer of security than outdated locks. Doing this increases your security measures exponentially and gives you the peace of mind of being extra secure.

2. Makes Your Home Smart

Upgrading your lock cylinders can make your home even smarter. Nowadays, several lock systems are integrated with home security systems and automated home systems. These allow you to control who has access to your home, as well as allowing you to wirelessly monitor your property.

This level of security and control allows you to be confident that your door locks are secure and that all family members can come and go.

3. Makes Duplicating Keys Difficult

Security lock cylinders are difficult to duplicate, which makes your keys and home secure from theft and malicious hacking. Potential intruders won’t be able to simply copy your key and have access to your home like they would with an outdated lock.

4. Resistant to Lock Bumping

Lock bumping a.k.a lock snapping is a technique used to break into a lock used in older locks that use tumblers. This is a common technique used by burglars. By upgrading your lock cylinders, you can be sure that your locks are resilient to lock bumping.

5. Provides Replacement Opportunities

Life changes, and so do our security needs. Many times, the locks that secure our homes no longer meets our needs. By having new lock cylinders, you can easily replace the lock tumblers with the appropriate security, without the need of replacing the door itself.

These are just a few of the reasons why you should upgrade your lock cylinders. For more information on lock cylinders and upgrading your locks, contact Locksmith Columbus. Our experienced lock cylinder experts can provide you with the best solutions for your home’s security.

Have you been feeling uneasy lately about the security of your home? You may not feel safe leaving your most prized possessions and family members in a place that could be vulnerable to intrusion. If you don’t have an updated lock, consider changing your lock cylinder – it could be the key to true security.

Reason #1: Taking Preemptive Steps

Before someone can access your home, they have to first get through your door. And a surefire way to make sure your door provides the strongest security possible is to upgrade your lock. At Locksmith Columbus, we understand how important your safety is. That’s why we recommend changing your lock cylinder to ensure you’re taking the necessary steps to protect your home and all that’s within it.

Reason #2: Increasing Your Home’s Curb Appeal

When you think of increasing your home’s curb appeal, updating its locks is probably one of the last things that comes to mind. But that’s because changing the locks is an often overlooked aspect of home improvement. However, having a high-quality cylinder lock in place can drastically upgrade the overall appearance of any entrance. This can often be seen on the exterior of homes, with the more modern, attractive locks adding to the overall appeal.

Reason #3: Replacing Older Locks

Maybe you’ve been living in your home for 20 years and are still using the original lock. Or perhaps you’ve just moved to a new house and you’d like to ensure your safely is your top priority. Either way, changing your lock cylinder is a great way to make sure your security is at its best. Even if your original lock works well, we highly recommend you replace it anyways. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Reason #4: Low Cost and High Security

You’ve probably gone shopping for a new home security system and been completely overwhelmed by the cost. But the good news when it comes to changing your lock cylinder, is that it’s an affordable option with numerous security benefits. With Locksmith Columbus, you can even get a decade warranty on all of our locks, ensuring you get the quality you deserve.

Reason #5: Professional Installation

When you change your lock, there’s nothing worse than being stuck with a faulty door or needing to take the time to install it on your own. That’s why at Locksmith Columbus, we offer professional installation for all our locks. We have an experienced team of locksmiths who are familiar with all types of locks and can guarantee that your door and lock are properly working.

As you can see, there are many reasons for why changing your lock cylinder is the right move to make. With a new, up-to-date cylinder lock, your home security will be at its highest and you can finally feel safe in one of the most important places. If you’re thinking about upgrading your lock, or if you’ve recently moved to a new house, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Locksmith Columbus. We can help you find the lock that best suits your needs and even install it for you. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

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