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As a locksmith at Locksmith Columbus, we know that lock outs can happen to anyone at any time. It’s always a frustrating experience, especially if you’re in a hurry or have an important event to attend. Fortunately, there are steps you can take to protect yourself and your loved ones from getting locked out. In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some practical tips for protecting against lock outs.

First and foremost, always have a spare key. This may seem obvious, but many people forget to have spare keys made or keep them in a safe place. It’s a good idea to have a spare key for each main entry point to your house, including front door, back door, and garage door. You can also give a spare key to a trusted neighbor or family member who lives nearby, just in case.

For additional security, consider installing a keyless entry system. This eliminates the need for keys altogether and allows you to simply enter a passcode or use a key card to unlock your door. Not only does it reduce the risk of lock outs, but it also adds an extra layer of security for your home.

Another tip for protecting against lock outs is to always check your keys before leaving the house. Make it a habit to check that you have your keys with you before leaving the house, whether it’s going to work or running a quick errand. It may seem like a small thing, but it can save you a lot of hassle and time in the long run.

If you have trouble keeping track of your keys, invest in a key tracker. You can get small devices that attach to your keychain and can be tracked through an app on your phone. This is especially useful if you tend to misplace your keys frequently.

Additionally, it’s important to keep your locks and keys in good condition. If your keys are getting old or worn out, they may not work properly and can increase the chances of a lock out. Replace your keys when necessary and regularly check for any signs of wear and tear on your locks.

In the event that you do get locked out, don’t panic. It’s natural to feel frustrated or anxious, but it’s important to stay calm and assess the situation. If you have a keyless entry system, try to enter the passcode or use the key card. If you have spare keys hidden or with a trusted person, you can also call them for help.

If all else fails, call a professional locksmith. At Locksmith Columbus, we offer 24/7 emergency lockout services, so you can always count on us for help when you need it most. Our team of experienced locksmiths can quickly and safely get you back into your home or car.

Remember, taking preventative measures can greatly reduce the chances of experiencing a lock out. With these tips, you can protect yourself and your loved ones from the inconvenience and stress of being locked out. Don’t hesitate to give us a call at (614) 585-8955 if you need any assistance with your locks or keys. Stay safe and secure!

Tips for Protecting Against Lock Outs

As a professional locksmith, I have encountered many cases where individuals have been locked out of their homes, cars, or offices. Not only is it frustrating, but it can also lead to safety and security concerns. That’s why it’s important to be proactive and take measures to prevent lockouts. Here are some tips that can help you avoid getting locked out.

1. Have spare keys made
One of the simplest and most effective ways to prevent lockouts is by having spare keys made. You can leave a set of spare keys with a trustworthy neighbor, family member, or friend. This way, if you do get locked out, you can easily retrieve the spare set and get back into your home or office. Make sure to keep the spare keys in a secure location and only give them to people you trust.

2. Keep your keys in a designated spot
Do you often misplace your keys? Develop a habit of always keeping your keys in a designated spot, whether it’s a key holder by the door or a specific pocket in your bag. This way, you always know where your keys are and won’t waste time searching for them. Also, make sure to always put your keys back in their designated spot after use.

3. Have a spare key hidden outside
In case you forget to take your keys with you or lose them, having a spare key hidden outside can be a lifesaver. However, be strategic about where you hide the key. Avoid obvious places like under the doormat or a potted plant. Instead, choose a spot that is not easily visible but can be easily accessed by you.

4. Get a keyless entry system
If you’re someone who often forgets or misplaces their keys, consider investing in a keyless entry system. This eliminates the need for keys and allows you to enter your home or office using a code or remote. It’s a convenient and secure option, but make sure to keep your code or remote in a safe place.

5. Don’t rush
We’ve all been there – in a rush to get somewhere and forgetting our keys inside. Take a deep breath and try not to rush. When we’re in a hurry, we are more likely to forget things or make careless mistakes like locking ourselves out. Take a moment to double-check that you have your keys with you before leaving.

6. Install quality locks
Having quality locks can also prevent lockouts. Cheap locks tend to jam or break easily, causing frequent lockouts. Invest in good quality locks, and make sure they are installed correctly. If you’re not sure about the quality of your locks, a professional locksmith can assess them for you and make recommendations for improvements.

7. Have a locksmith on speed dial
In the event that you do get locked out, having a locksmith on speed dial can save you a lot of time and stress. Look for a reputable locksmith company in your area and save their number in your phone. Make sure to choose a company with 24/7 emergency services, so you can get help whenever you need it.

With these tips, you can minimize the chances of getting locked out of your home, car, or office. But if you do find yourself in that situation, don’t panic. Call Locksmith Columbus at (614) 585-8955 for prompt and reliable assistance. Our team of experienced locksmiths is available round the clock to help you get back inside. Remember to always stay calm and remain proactive in protecting yourself against lockouts.

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