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Whether you’re looking to update the locks in your current home or need to shop for residential locks while purchasing a new home, there is a wide variety of locks on the market with various levels of security. It can be overwhelming to know where to start when considering which locks are best for you and your family, so we’re here to help. Here are some tips from professional locksmiths at Locksmith Columbus to help you when choosing the best residential locks.

One of the first things to consider when shopping for residential locks is the type of locks you want. Does the lock feature a keyed knob, a lever, or a deadbolt? It’s generally recommended to choose at least one deadbolt for your home, as it has higher security than other lock models. Lever locks offer convenience since they’re often used in combination with deadbolts, while keyed knobs offer a nice aesthetic in certain parts of the home.

Also look at the materials of the locks. Are they made of plastic, brass, or steel? Withstanding good weather and temperature extremes is important, so picking strong, long-lasting materials is a must. Brass and steel are the best choices, depending on the security level you require.

Finally, you have to decide on the degree of security you need. Do you prefer basic security or something that includes an auto-lock and keyless entry? Look for locks that are certified and meet specific safety requirements. The standards vary depending on the country, but some of the most common include primary security level ratings like ANSI and UL marks, secondary ratings related to features like the drill, punch and wrench resistance, and lastly the quality of installation, particularly the door.

Overall, locks ranging from basic models to the highly sophisticated ones can be found in different styles and levels of security, so think about what works best for your home and family. With these tips from the experts at Locksmith Columbus, you can confidently find the best residential locks for your home.

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