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At Locksmith Columbus in Central Ohio, we are committed to helping our customers understand the various automotive locks and unlocking options available on the market today. With so many different types of designs, materials, and features, it can be difficult to choose the best system for your vehicle. That’s why we’re here to break it all down for you.

Traditional Key-Based Automotive Locks

Let’s start with the most prevalent type – traditional key-based systems. These systems are the most basic, but also the least secure. These types of systems deploy antiquated designs that are easy for a skilled thief to bypass. They also require regular maintenance in the form of key cutting and replacement to maintain the highest degree of security. On the plus side, these systems are usually cheaper upfront than the more advanced options.

Smart Key-Based Automotive Locks

Smart key-based locks are quickly overtaking traditional key-based systems as the preferred option for most vehicles. Smart key-based systems use radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology for a heightened level of security. These systems also come with convenient features such as unlock/lock memory settings, auto-locking doors, and an “engine start” feature. Admittedly, these systems come with some draw backs – they are expensive and not as durable as traditional systems.

Fingerprint-Based Automotive Locks

Fingerprint-based automotive locks are quickly becoming widespread due to their high degree of security and convenience. With this type of system, users are able to unlock their vehicles using their fingerprints. For vehicles with expensive cargo, this is the optimal system – it’s nearly impossible to bypass and provides a high degree of security.

Remote Key-Fob Automotive Locks

Remote key-fob systems are the third most popular type of automotive lock and unlock system. This type of system uses a transmitter or a “key fob” that allows the user to unlock and start their vehicle with just the push of a button. These systems are becoming more popular for their ease of use and can be programmed to unlock multiple cars from just one transmitter.

Mechanical Automotive Locks

Finally, mechanical automotive locks are becoming an increasingly rare option due to their mechanical components being more prone to wear and tear in comparison to the other options. However, for individuals who prefer a traditional lock and key system, mechanical automotive locks are the perfect choice.

Did you ever wonder why there are so many different types of automotive locks on the market and unlocking options to pick from? Well, Automotive Locks are as varied as the types of vehicles they secure. A locksmith is experienced in all types of locks and has the ability to open, repair, and replace most locks you could encounter while driving.

At Locksmith Columbus, we understand why it can be confusing for drivers to learn about the different types of automotive locks and unlocking options. We are here to provide you with all the information you need so you can feel confident you are selecting the best automotive locks and unlock options for your vehicle.

When it comes to automotive locks, there are several different kinds of locks potential owners should consider. Here are the most common types of automotive locks found on the market today:

Coded Locks

One of the most common types of automotive locks are coded locks. These are typically used when the car has a wireless key fob or a chip that communicates with the car, allowing it to unlock the door when approached. These types of locks are becoming more and more common, for a few reasons. One, it makes it more difficult for a car to be stolen, since the code needs to be entered into the vehicle in order for it to unlock. And two, it prevents people with physical keys from accessing or stealing the vehicle.

Keyless Entry

Another type of automotive locks are keyless entry systems. These types of locks are becoming more and more useful due to their convenience factor. This type of lock works by using a combination that you input on the keypad to unlock the vehicle. No need for a traditional key, and the vehicle can be locked and unlocked with the push of a button. You will know right away if someone else is trying to access your car as your key fob will beep when someone unlocks your car with the key fob.

Trunk Locks

Trunk locks are an important part of automotive security. This type of lock helps protect the contents of your vehicle, preventing unauthorized access. A trunk lock is a component on the vehicle that is connected to the car’s security system, and must be opened using the key fob or key.

Electronic lock cylinders

Another type of automotive lock is the electronic lock cylinder. This type of lock typically uses either a magnetic or electric key to open the vehicle. These keys are programmed to only unlock the vehicle when inserted into the lock cylinder.

Central Locking System

Finally, there is the Central Locking System (CLS). A Central Locking System is an all-in-one security system that offers enhanced safety to the vehicle. With a central locking system installed, all of the locks in the vehicle will work together in unison, providing the driver with complete control over their vehicle’s security system.

In addition to the different types of automotive locks, there are also several different types of unlocking options to consider. Here are a few of the most common unlocking options used today:

Remote Unlocking

Remote unlocking has become a very common feature on vehicles in recent years. Remote unlocking allows you to open and close the vehicle using only your key fob. This feature makes it much simpler for drivers to gain access to their vehicles without having to fiddle with a physical key.

Smartphone Control

Another type of unlocking option that is becoming increasingly popular is smartphone control. This type of unlock works by connecting the car’s locks to your smartphone. By simply tapping an app on your phone, you can unlock and start the vehicle without having to use a key.

Mechanical Keys

The last type of unlocking option is the mechanical key. This type of key is typically used with older vehicles as this type of lock does not require a key fob or virtual key to unlock the vehicle. Most newer vehicles are using coded or keyless entry systems; however, for those who still have older models, the traditional mechanical key is still used.

No matter what kind of automotive locks and unlocking options you are considering for your car, it is always important to have your automotive locks installed and serviced by a professional locksmith. At Locksmith Columbus, we specialize in automotive locks and have the experience and expertise to ensure your vehicle is safe and secure. In addition to installation and repair services, we can also help you select the best automotive locks and unlocking options for your vehicle. Feel free to contact us to learn more!

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