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As the head of security at your business, it is important to understand the key differences between the different types of commercial locks that are available to you. As the locksmith industry has advanced, so have the lock systems that are available for businesses. From basic to complex, here are the three most common types of commercial locks:

Knob Locks

Knob locks are easily identifiable by their knob-like shape and decorative styles. As the oldest style of lock, knob locks provide a limited level of security and require frequent maintenance to ensure all components are functioning properly. Knob locks are great for providing a decorative and classic look while also deterring some level of unwanted access.

Lever Locks

Lever locks are equipped with a lever design that makes them easy to operate. Lever locks generally provide far superior security than knob locks and can be used in a wide variety of commercial applications. Lever locks are commonly used for medium-level security applications like offices, warehouses, and apartment buildings.

Deadbolt Locks

Deadbolt locks are the strongest type of lock and are designed for use in higher-security applications such as banks, government buildings, and commercial businesses. Deadbolt locks are designed with a tough metal bolt and a reinforced frame that provide superior protection against forced entry.

Choosing the right lock for your business can be a daunting task. While knob locks are great for providing a decorative look, lever locks and deadbolt locks provide superior levels of security and should be considered for higher-security applications.

At Locksmith Columbus in Central Ohio, we understand the importance of having the right security measures in place for your business. That’s why we offer a wide variety of commercial locks available to choose from. With our knowledgeable and experienced technicians, you can trust that your business will be safe and secure. If you would like more information about our services or to schedule an appointment, feel free to give us a call at (614) 585-8955.

Understanding Different Types of Commercial Locks

As a business owner, you fully understand the importance of making sure your property and employees are secure. That’s why it’s important to have the best security for your business. One of the most effective ways to make sure your property is secure is by leveraging commercial locks. But with so many different types of commercial locks out there, it can be overwhelming to pick the right lock for your business. That’s why Locksmith Columbus in Central Ohio is here to provide you the resources you need to make an informed decision about the locks that would be the best fit for you.

From smart locks to deadbolts, there are a variety of commercial locks on the market. All of these locks can provide different levels of security and each of them is better-suited for certain applications. To make sure you have the best lock for your business, let’s explore some of the different types of commercial locks and their various benefits:

Tubular Locks:

Tubular locks typically have pins of varying lengths that run around the circumference of the keyhole. This type of lock is particularly popular in commercial settings since it is more difficult to manipulate than flat key locks. The unique shape of tubular keyhole also makes it more difficult to pick.

Cam Locks:

Cam locks come with an array of cylinders that are placed inside a housing unit. The rotating cylinder is attached to a cam that operates the locking system. Cam locks are typically used for lockers, cabinets, drawers, and other similar applications.

Mortise Locks:

Mortise locks are most commonly used in commercial settings where extra security and higher durability is needed. This type of lock consists of two parts – a latch and a deadbolt. The latch is located at the top part of the keyhole and the deadbolt located at the bottom. They are usually provided with a key and knob to use.


Deadbolts are a “must have” for any type of commercial security. Deadbolts are typically two-piece locks that contain a cylinder and a box. The cylinder is placed on the side of the door and the box on the inside frame of the door. deadbolts are extremely secure since they have to be unlocked from the inside and the outside, and cannot be easily manipulated.

Electric Locks:

Electric locks provide one of the most secure systems on the market. Electric locks combine both an electrical strike and a key cylinder to provide two methods of unlocking. This type of lock provides a high level of security and is typically used in high-security settings like banks and other commercial settings.

Smart Lock:

Smart locks are the newest and most advanced type of lock on the market and are rapidly gaining popularity. Smart locks provide a phone-based solution to unlocking doors, allowing users to open doors with a smartphone or access code instead of a traditional key. For businesses, this provides an easy and efficient way to supplement traditional locking methods.

Making sure your business is secure is paramount and having the right locks in place is just one step to getting there. But with all the different types of commercial locks out there, it can be hard to determine which lock is best for your business. That’s why it’s important to speak to a professional locksmith to find out which lock will be best for you.

At Locksmith Columbus in Central Ohio, we’re here to help you find the right commercial locks for your business. Our team of experienced locksmiths are available to answer all your questions and help you make the best decision for your security needs. We understand the importance of finding the right locks for your business and are ready to help.

If you’re looking for the highest quality and most effective commercial locks for your business, call Locksmith Columbus at (614) 585-8955 and speak with one of our experienced locksmiths today. Let us help you choose your perfect lock and get your business the security it needs.

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