Understanding the Different Types of Automotive Locks

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When it comes to vehicle locks, there are many different types to consider. From highly advanced modern locking mechanisms to traditional models, understanding the various options available is important for all drivers. There are some straightforward ways to identify what type of lock you have, and this invaluable knowledge can help ensure the security and safety of your vehicle.

For starters, there are two main categories of automotive locks: mechanical vs. electronic. Mechanical locks are operated by a key and are the traditional kind of lock you’d find installed in conventional vehicles. They use a key and its internal components to flip and turn the locking mechanisms, allowing you to open the vehicle. On the other hand, electronic locks are more modern and operate via a controller unit. An electronic key fob or card can be used to trigger the lock remotely, allowing you access to your vehicle.

Within these two main categories are further varieties of automotive locks. Deadbolts, for example, are especially secure and are often fitted alongside other types of lock. They are intentionally designed to be difficult to pick or tamper with, making them an ideal choice if you’re looking for extra security for your vehicle. Alternatively, lock cylinders are common and you’ll find them in many different vehicles. Cylinders are basically little locks that are easy to install but, unlike their deadbolt counterparts, they tend to be easier to pick or tamper with.

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