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Locks are an important component to any building and there is no doubt that having the right kind of locks installed is critical. When it comes to security one type of lock that is becoming increasingly popular is the tubular lock and for good reason. There are many benefits to tubular locks that need to be understood before making a decision.

At Locksmith Columbus we want our clients to be informed and understand the benefits and importance of locks and, in this article, will discuss the various benefits of the tubular lock and how it compares to other popular locks such as pin and tumbler locks.

What is a Tubular Lock?

A tubular lock is sort of like a combination of a pin and tumbler lock in that it still uses a standard key but the difference lies in the shape of the key. Tubular keys have round heads and operate by pushing the pins into the lock. Each pin is screwed in so the key has to turn as it is being pushed in. That is why the key shape is likened to a ‘tubular’ shape. Tubular keys are popular in items such as padlocks and vending machines and when correctly installed can provide added security.

Benefits of Tubular Locks

Tubular locks have several advantages over other types of locks such as pin and tumbler locks. First and foremost is the added security of not only having a standard key but also having to turn it while pushing it in. This makes it almost impossible for a thief to pick since they would need access to both the key shape and the code. This is why tubular locks are commonly used in high-security areas where extra protection is needed.

Another benefit to a tubular lock is that it is much harder to pick. It is not uncommon for thieves to pick locks with enough practice or to understand the internals of the lock and access it this way. The tubular lock eliminates this problem as most thieves would find it difficult to access the inside of the lock, if not impossible since the key needs to be turned in order to lock and unlock the door.

Finally, tubular locks are also much more durable than other types of locks. As the lock is contained within a metal case, it is better able to withstand external elements such as weather or even a hammer. This makes it an ideal choice for outdoor use or for locks that will be exposed to different temperatures or moisture.

How a Tubular Lock Works

When it comes to installing a tubular lock, it starts with the pin, which is placed in the centre of the cylindrical body. Then the key is inserted into the lock and the pins start to move as the key turns. When the code of the key matches the position of the pins the lock opens.

When the lock is open, the pins are in a different position and when the key is removed the pins automatically reposition themselves. This is done due to a special mechanism inside the lock and is the reason why a tubular lock is harder to pick than other locks.

Things to Keep in Mind

When it comes to installing a tubular lock there are a few important points to keep in mind. Firstly, tubular locks are cylinder shapes so it’s important to make sure the hole is the right size, and that there is enough space for the lock to fit. It’s also important to make sure the pins are in the correct position before installing the lock otherwise it won’t be able to unlock with the proper key.

Another important factor to consider is the quality of the lock. It’s important to make sure that the lock is made with good quality materials so that it can stand up to any weather or temperature changes. Lastly, it’s important to make sure the lock is installed correctly and that the code for the key is as secure as possible.

The Bottom Line

Tubular locks have many benefits for both home and business owners. They are harder to pick and more durable, making them an ideal choice for outdoor spaces or high security areas. They are also easier to install and the pins can be moved, making it difficult for thieves to properly access the code of the lock. For any security needs, be sure to call our experts at Locksmith Columbus at (614) 585-8955 for a free consultation.

Understanding Tubular Locks and Their Benefits

From systems that guard stairwells in office buildings to those used to secure doors at night, tubular locks have become an integral part of the security industry. Although these locks are not as common compared to traditional keyed locks, they are widely used in commercial and residential security systems due to their unique design.

For those who are unfamiliar, tubular locks are a subset of locks that have screws instead of pins. They are commonly found in drawers, gun safes, and low-security areas such as residential homes. The main benefit of using these locks is that they are relatively easy to install and offer superior security.

For starters, tubular locks offer superior security compared to their regular counterparts. This is because the shape of the tubular keyhole and the design of its locking mechanism make it very difficult for an intruder to pick the lock. It is also more difficult to use a standard key with the pin tumbler to open a tubular lock. Thus, a person using a tubular key with a tubular lock is more secure than one using a regular key with a regular lock.

In addition, tubular locks are relatively easy to install. Unlike regular locks which require specialized tools in order to remove old locks and install new locks, tubular locks can simply be screwed into place with a screwdriver. This makes them easier to install or repair, and less time-consuming.

Finally, tubular locks are relatively affordable. Despite their superior security, they don’t command a price tag that is significantly higher than traditional locks. This makes them cost-effective for businesses, homeowners, landlords, and other stakeholders.

Now that you know the benefits of using tubular locks, it’s important to consider where and how you should use these locks in your home or business.

When Should I Use Tubular Locks?

The best way to decide when you should use tubular locks is to take into consideration the level of security you require. For instance, tubular locks are perfect for low-security areas such as residential homes or for occasional use. On the other hand, they may not be suitable for high-security applications such as commercial buildings or government facilities.

Apart from the security level, you should also consider the type of door or container they’ll be used for. Typically, tubular locks are suitable for use on doors with shallow holes, like drawers and gun safes. They are not recommended for use on doors with deeper holes, such as storage cabinets.

Advantages of Purchasing Tubular Locks from a Locksmith

When it comes to tubular locks, it’s always best to purchase them from a qualified locksmith who understands how these particular locks work and can install them correctly. This is because professional locksmiths know the ins and outs of tubular locks and can offer better advice and guidance on which ones are best for you.

At Locksmith Columbus, our technicians have the knowledge and the tools to install tubular locks properly and quickly. It’s important that each lock is installed correctly so that it provides optimal security and functionality. With our team, you can be rest assured your locks are handled properly, and our customer service team can provide as much or as little guidance as you need to make an informed decision.

Furthermore, our technicians are available 24/7 to help with any emergency lock needs. So, if you’ve been locked out of your home or business, lost your keys, or need to get your keys replaced, our locksmiths are on hand to help. Simply give us a call at (614) 585-8955 and one of our friendly technicians will be able to help you out in no time.


Tubular locks offer excellent security and are relatively easy to install. They are perfect for low-security applications such as residential homes or occasional use, and are cost-effective for businesses, homeowners, landlords, and other stakeholders. However, it’s important to purchase them from a qualified locksmith who understands the specific needs of tubular locks.

At Locksmith Columbus, our team of experienced technicians understand the needs of tubular locks and can help with any emergency needs. So, if you’ve been locked out of your home or business, lost your keys, or need to get your keys replaced, our locksmiths are here to help. Give us a call at (614) 585-8955 for any of your locksmith needs.

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