What Are The Different Types Of Automotive Keyless Entry Solutions?

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If you’re a driver, you know how convenient it can be to not have to take out keys when you go to open your car. Automotive keyless entry solutions now offer keyless access, giving you more flexibility and safety.

At Locksmith Columbus, we offer all kinds of solutions that can help you take advantage of the modern day convenience and security of keyless access, no matter what kind of vehicle you own. There are three main types of keyless entry options that we provide:

1. Remote Keyless – This is a convenient choice for drivers looking for an easy way to access their car without needing to take out their keys. With the remote key fob, you simply press the button on the transmitter and it unlocks the doors or trunk of your car.

2. Transponder Keys – You might have seen these on newer cars. They’re programmed to your car’s security system, so you can use them to lock and unlock the doors even if you don’t have the physical keys.

3. Smart Keys – This is a relatively new option for keyless entry. Smart keys can be linked to your car’s computer system, giving you access to its various systems, such as the locks, windows, and more.

At Locksmith Columbus, we offer all of these solutions, so no matter which one works best for your car, we can help you get the convenience and security of keyless access. So if you’re a Central Ohio driver who’s looking to make life a little easier, contact us today to see what keyless entry solutions we can provide.

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